Top 5 Best Baby Swing in 2018- Expert Reviews!!!

Baby swings are excellent product for your babies. Its help the parents to get support when they are alone at the home and busy with other task. A baby swings help like an assistant of your little one. At present, it is tough for the parents to preserve baby in the manual baby swings. In the manual baby swings, you will have to stay with the baby to give it pleasure. You have to continuously push the baby swing. Isn’t it too harmful? Yes, it is. The automated baby swings are a boon for the parents. You will just have to put the baby on the seat of the swing, tie up the safety harness, and switch on the device.

At present, it is difficult to find out a good quality baby swing in the market. Both the online and offline markets are filled with fake and low class devices. This writing is all about elevating your knowledge about the salient features of the baby swings and how you can benefit from them. Moreover, it will help you to buy the best baby swing from the market with your hard earned money.

What is a Baby Swing?

A baby swing is a device designed to swing the baby to bring ultimate comfort for the baby. It can swing in various dimensions- back and forth, side by side, and rotation. The baby swingers usually equipped with various kinds of hanging toys and music system to entertain the baby while swinging. Isn’t it cool? A baby swing is not only a swinging device but also a complete package for the baby. It can swing the baby; entertain the baby with pleasing music, sound of nature, and toys.

Types of Baby Swing

There are 8 types of baby swings available in the market. All of them come with distinguished features that make them appealing. So, you have many options to buy from. Now, let’s know in details about all types of baby swings.

Full Size Baby Swing

Such baby swings are usually large sized. Hence, they contain a lot of features. They are suitable for the parents for whom space is not an issue. However, full size baby swings are not portable.

Portable Baby Swing

They are usually small size and contain all the basic elements required in a baby swing. As they are small in size and you can easily fold them to store them. Moreover, you will be able to take them anywhere you want.

Glider Swings

The glider swings works like gliding chair. Some babies like the gliding motion a lot. For them, this is the best option. Such swings glide back and forth in gentle manner for the comfort of the baby. They are usually small in size.

Cradle Swing

The cradle swings are designed to entertain the baby with gentle movement either back and forth or side by side when the baby is still awake and trying to sleep. They are not much different from the regular baby swings.

Bouncer Swings

The bouncer swigs entertain the baby by bouncing back and forth gently. They are usually very light weight and portable. It is useful to develop the baby’s bouncing sense.

Rocker Swing

The rocker swings contains a separate seat panel which generally called rocker. Some rockers are removable and some are not. The removable rockers are useful as you can detach them and take with you wherever you want.

Toddler Swings

Although, it have included it here, it is not suitable for the babies. Still you need to know about this item because the next level of baby swing is toddler swing. They are suitable for the children aged between six months to three years.

Hanging Swing

It is a kind of toddler swing. It is not suitable for the babies as well without proper support. However, it is suitable for the baby age above 08 months. You just have to hang the seat panel with any overhead support.

Here is a Best Baby Swing for 2018


It is an amazing baby swing! Moms love it because it is cozy, soft, snuggly, and soothing. It contains many features that attract the moms around the world. Its seat quality, swing, and entertainment features are designed to bring ultimate comfort for both mom and baby. So, let’s have a look at the features.

Types of Swing

It swings in two dimensions. They are side by side and head toe. There are 06 different swing levels. Hence, you can adjust the type of swing and swing speed according to the choice of the baby. There is good quality seat belt that keeps the baby safe during the swing. So you need not worry about the safety of the baby.

Quality Seat

The seat of the device is made of cozy fabric. It will not create any rash on the sensitive skin of the baby. Moreover, the baby will pass enjoyable time while swinging. It contains an Easy Button underneath. With the help of easy button, you can adjust the seat position.

Adjustable Recline

You can adjust recline of the seat easily. You can either position the seat to upright or recline. If you choose to recline the seat you have to flexibility to either recline the seat fully or partially.

Songs and Music

The device is equipped with 16 soothing songs and sound of nature. They will certainly entertain and calm down the baby while it is not in good mood. Moreover, you can change the songs and sound according to the baby’s preference. The volume of the sounds is easily controllable.

Power System

The device runs in two way power system. You can you either 4D batteries to power the device or plug. I prefer plug because it provides steady power supply. But the 4D battery features comes handy when I am outside.


  • Removable and washable seat
  • Toys hanging on the top
  • 06 swing level
  • square
    Domes mirror


  • Not portable
  • It contains motor noise issue


Graco Duet Soothe Swing & Rocker - baby swing weight limit


The Graco swing and rocker is multifunctional device that brings immense flexibility and comfort for both the baby and parents. The design of the device is very stylish with amazing features. So, let’s have a look at its salient features.

Quality of Seat

The seat is made of quality materials that will bring ultimate comfort for the baby. The seat contains 05 point safety harness that ensures safety of the baby while swinging on the rocker. The seat is quite large. So, you can adjust the seat as your baby grows. Moreover, you can adjust the seat based on the size of the baby.

Removable Rocker

The rocker of the device is completely removable along with the seat. Hence, if you want to move around the rooms with the baby, you just have to take off the rocker. You can keep the rocker in one hand.

Swing Position

The rocker has 03 swing positions with 06 swing speed. They are side by side, front and back, and head to toe. Hence, you can set up your desired swing position. To set up the swing position, you will just have to lose the top of the device and adjust the position.

Entertainment Features

The device contains 10 classical melodies and 05 nature sound. The sound of the entertainment console is very soothing. Moreover, the top of the device contains mobile containing 03 toys. The baby will really have fun looking at them.


  • Removable rocker
  • Mobile with 03 toys
  • 05 Point harness
  • square
    Entertainment console with 10 melodies and  05 nature sound


  • The mobile does not spin


Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom  - best portable baby swing

Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing

As the name of the device goes, it is very cozy with plush and luxurious fabrics and design. It is an amazing swing for the parents who want flexibility and move around with the device. Let’s have a look at the salient features.

True Speed Technology

It contains true speed technology which ensured similar speed as the device goes older. The device contains 06 speeds and all of them will remain the same as the baby grown. There will be not uneven speed. This is the benefit of true speed technology.


It contains 06 original melodies to entertain the baby. You can control the volume as your requirement. The sound shuts off automatically as it contains a timer. The removable toy bar is amazing with 02 engaging toys. You can pivot back the toy bars to give the baby easy access to the toys.

Swing Timer

The swing timer contains 03 settings. You can set the swing timer to 15, 30, or 45 minutes as par your requirement. However, it brings much comfort for the parents as they don’t have to change the settings most often.

Quality of Seat

The seat is made of good quality fabric. The baby feels like it is lost in plush kingdom of quality fabrics. The seat can be set in two positions. Hence, you can set the seat according to baby’s comfort. The seat contains a removable head support which brings extra comfort. There is 05 point harness in the seat which protects the baby at the time of swinging. Moreover, the seat panel is washable.

Easy to Fold & Storage

Sometimes it becomes necessary to take the baby outside for various reasons. Suppose, if you have to take to baby to office, you can easily fold the device and store it in the car. So, you will not have to leave the baby home.


  • True speed technology
  • 06 melody and toys
  • Quality seat fabric
  • square
    Easy to fold and store


  • The device is too small
  • The device gets noisy as time goes by


4moms MamaRoo 4 Infant Seat- Black Classic - best infant swing


If you are looking a unique baby swing with incomparable features the Mamaroo-4 swing is the best option for you. It brings ultimate comfort and flexibility for the parents. Let’s have a look at its features:

5 Unique Motions

The device contains five unique motions- car, cangaroo, wave, tree swing, and rock a bye. The baby will like all the motions and it will develop the baby’s sense. You can set the motions as par the baby’s comfort.

Seat Recline

You can recline the seat easily as par the baby’s comfort. You can adjust to any position. You just have to press a button at the bottom and tilt the seat recline or upright. I loved this easy to recline system.

Entertainment for the Baby

For the baby’s entertainment, it contains many types of sounds. They include rain, fan, ocean, and heart beat sound. You can control the volume of the sound. There is a top toy panel containing toy balls of various reversible colors which will certainly attract the baby.

Bluetooth control

This feature makes the device amazing for the parents. Just download the app and you can control the baby swing through your mobile phone. It makes the device the best baby swing. You can control the type of swing and sound. Moreover, you can control the volume of the sound.


  • Easy to control with Bluetooth
  • 05 types of swing movement
  • 05 types of sound with volume control
  • square
    Reversible colored toys


  • No traditional back and forth swing
  • The sound quality is not up to the mark.


Graco Simple Sway  -   best swing for baby


Graco is always concerned with providing simple solutions to big problems. They are extra careful in case of baby products. The Graco simple sway baby swing comes with tons of features that will serve your purpose fully. So, let’s have a look at them.

Smooth Swing Speed

It has 06 swing speed level. Hence, you will be able to set your desired level of swing based on the comfort of the baby. As your baby grows, you can increase the swing level. The swing is so smooth that your baby will not jerk in fear when the movement starts.

Vibration Speed Settings

There are two vibration speed settings available in the device. It makes the device unique. The vibrations settings will ensure extra comfort for your baby keeping them relaxed.

Entertainment for the Baby

It contains 10 melodies and 05 nature sounds. You can try each one and find out which one keeps your baby quite. It will also develop your baby’s sense of nature. The device comes with mobile with 03 soft toys of various colors for visual stimulation of your baby.  

Safety and Portability

 It is a compact device that you can place in any corner of the room. The device is foldable. Hence, you can take it anywhere you want. The device comes with a seat containing 05 point safety harness which will protect the baby at the time of swing.


  • 06 level of speed control
  • Removable cozy head support
  • Compact design
  • square
    Supports both battery and plug in


  • No white noise option
  • Sound quality not good

Importance of a Baby Swing

Some people argue the importance of a baby swing. A baby swing is necessary to keep the baby calm and develop its senses of various kinds of movement. The babies also learn to stare at, reach, and play with toys that come with the baby swing.

When my baby was born, it always wants to sleep on my hands. Whenever it put it to the bed, it used to cry angrily. I had to take it again on my arms putting my daily chores. Going for outing was a nightmare.  When I brought a baby swing in my home, the scenario changed completely. I not more had to take the baby on my arms for hours to make it calm.

My baby also started to love the baby swing. So, a good quality baby swing is essential for both you and your baby. It can work as a replacement for your arms. But I would recommend you to compare a few baby swing devices and select the best baby swing for considering your baby’s comfort.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Baby Swing

To find out and buy the best baby swing form the market, you have to keep in mind certain factors. Read through to know about them in details.

Seat Belt: 

The baby swing that you want to purchase must contain a seat belt. It may be a 03 point harness or 05 point harness. But a 05 point harness safety belt is good for the baby.

Height of the Swing: 

The height of the swing is very important. Both tall and short swings are available in the market. For the new born babies, you should go for the short swings as the will minimize the risk.

Swing Speed Control: 

Some baby swings don’t contain swing controller and timer. I would recommend you to stay away from them. You must go for the device that has swing speed control mechanism.


It is an important issue to consider before buying a baby swing. If you want portability, you will have to buy short and lightweight ones that are easy to fold and store.

The power System:

How do you want run the swing? You have two options. You can either run it with batter power or electricity power. Both types of baby swings are available in the market. You will also get a baby swing that contains both the power system. So, you have to keep in mind this aspect before making buying decision.

Hygiene Factor: 

You must take this aspect seriously before making the buying decision. You should buy the baby swing of which the seat fabric can be removed and washed safely.

Test before Buying: 

Before making the final purchase, you must test multiple baby swings placing your baby on the device. Y6ou must go for the one with which your baby is comfortable.  

Features of a Baby Swing

The baby swings come with a lot of features that separates them from one another. Here, you will learn in details about what you can expect in a baby swing. Also, it will help you buy the best baby swing from wide range of options.

Good Quality Seat

A baby swing contains a seat that it comfortable for the baby. The seat usually contains safety harness and head support. The head support gives baby comfort and the safety harness protects the baby when the seat starts to move.

Entertainment System

Almost all the baby swings contain entertainment console. It is the combination of music and toys. They placement of toys and sound system usually vary based on the swing type.

Swing Movement

Swing movement is crucial in a baby swing. Usually, the baby swings move back and forth, side by side, and up and down. The movement of the baby swing is controllable.

Availability of Timer

The baby swings come with a timer. You can set the duration of movement of the seat or rocker. It brings flexibility for the parents. The device stops to swing and run music after the desired time reaches.

Safety Issue

The baby swings contain seat belts or 5 point harness for the safety of the baby within the baby swing. Hence, the baby does not fall down when the swing starts movement.

Power System

 The baby swings work with both electrical power and battery power. Hence, the parents enjoy much flexibility when they have to go outside because they can use batter power as well.

Final Verdict

Now, you have all the ideas about features that make the best baby swing. You must always put the quality and safety features of the item before making the final buying decision. You may purchase from the items reviewed above to stay safe from buying the wrong ones. They are the best in the market. However, I recommend taking the baby with you while going to purchase the baby swing. You should test the swing by putting the baby on the device. In the way, you will be able to understand whether your baby is comfortable with the device or not.

Top 5 Best Baby Swing in 2018- Expert Reviews!!!
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