Best Baby Walkers – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Baby swings are excellent product for your babies. Its help the parents to get support when they are alone at the home and busy with other task. A baby swings help like an assistant of your little one.

At present, it is tough for the parents to preserve baby in the manual baby swings. In the manual baby swings, you will have to stay with the baby to give it pleasure. You have to continuously push the baby swing. Isn’t it too harmful? Yes, it is. The automated baby swings are a boon for the parents. You will just have to put the baby on the seat of the swing, tie up the safety harness, and switch on the device.

At present, it is difficult to find out a good quality baby swing in the market. Both the online and offline markets are filled with fake and low class devices.

This writing is all about elevating your knowledge about the salient features of the baby swings and how you can benefit from them. Moreover, it will help you to buy the best baby swing from the market with your hard earned money.

What is a Baby Walker?

A baby walker is a wheeled device that assist the baby to scoot itself by pushing the feet. It is designed to increase the leg strength of the baby gradually. The babies can learn to walk rapidly through a good quality baby walker.

Top 5 Best Baby Walkers of 2018

Here you will know in details about various aspects of the baby walker and how they can benefit you. Moreover, it will help you to make the right choice. So, read about all the baby walkers carefully till the end.


Safety 1st Sounds and Lights Discovery Walker, Dino


It is an amazing baby walker with beautiful design, unique features, and quality of materials used in the production. If you are looking for the baby walker, this is the one, you should check out. It contains facilities many facilities- large snack and play area, compact design, adjustable height, and easily cleaning. Let’s have a look at them in details:


For the entertainment of the baby, the walker contains toys arranged on two panels placed on the food tray. The reason behind the two toy panels is that your baby will be able to play the toys with both left and right hand. There are wide range of toys including electronics that plays music and chewing toys. I really loved this feature!

Snack Tray

The baby walker contains one of the coolest snack trays, I have ever seen. You have to unfold it. To unfold the tray, you have to pull the sliding panels located under the toy panels. After that, just turn the toy panels in two sides. You will find huge space to keep the snacks. In addition, your baby will be able to still play with the toys while eating snacks.

Nice and Comfortable Seat

The seat of the baby walker has been designed for the ultimate comfort of the baby. It contains cushion on the back. The seat fabric is made of quality materials. The fabric is completely removable. Hence, you will be able to take it off and wash it regularly. Moreover, the fabric is soft. So, the baby will not feel any discomfort while enjoying the walker.

Height Adjustment

The height of the walker is adjustable in 03 levels. So, the baby will be able to use it as long as possible until it outgrows. We know that all babies don’t grow equal. Hence, it will give a lot of flexibility to the parents. They will not have to buy again.

Easy to Fold

You will be able to fold the walker completely flat. Just slide the panel up located under the food tray. You can unfold the walker in seconds.


  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Comfortable seat
  • Availability of toy tray with wide range of toys
  • square


  • Toy batteries are difficult to replace


Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Walker, Ocean Explorer


It is an amazing baby walker with lots of features. It contains a lot of entertainment items for the baby. In addition, it contains unique design, removable toy station, steering wheels, and more. Your baby will certainly love it. Let’s have a look at the salient features.

Toys, Music, and Lights

The baby walker comes with variety of toys and music. It contains a steering wheel. As the baby starts to walk, the toys lights up along with music. Babies enjoy it a lot. Moreover, the music is related to ocean sounds. As a result, it calms down the baby while playing.

High Backseat

Unlike the other walkers, it contains high backseat. It is very comfortable for the baby because it can rest its neck. Moreover, the baby will not fall backward. Also, it will be comfortable for the baby to get asleep in the walker. The seat is adjustable as well. So, you will be able to adjust the seat as the baby grows up.

Removable Toys

The toys are completely removable. Hence, as the toys get dirty, you can clean them and add them to the device again. Moreover, the removable toys provide the baby enjoyment when they are not on the walker. Sometimes babies fall in love with a particular toy and do not want to leave it. So, it will give much flexibility to the parents in such case. Also, it contains 02 hooks to link more toys with the walker.

Easy to Store

You can fold the walker easily with just one hand. Just pull a panel placed on the back of the walker and push the seat down. In this way, the whole walker will get flat folded. Then you can keep it in any convenient location.


  • High & adjustable back seat
  • Removable toys
  • 02 toy link hooks
  • square
    Pleasing ocean music


  • Not easy to assemble the whole walker
  • The wheels are not smooth


Bright Starts Walk- A Bout Walker, Roaming Safari


This baby walker is packed with jungle fun for the babies. It contains everything that the baby walker should have. You will find food tray, toys, melodious sound, and all the materials for the baby’s ultimate comfort. Let’s know learn more about it.

Entertainment For The Baby

It contains some non-electronic toys for the baby. The toys are very colorful and attractive. So, they will catch the baby’s attention easily. Moreover, the toys make sound to entertain the baby when they are turned and twisted. There is a spinning toy as well which the babies like the most.

Music System

The front panel contains a steering wheel. The baby can move the wheel easily to have fun. When the baby moves the steering wheel it will start to play various kinds of music which the baby will certainly love. There is a light in the middle of the steering. It lights up with the baby takes action to move the steering.

Easy to Fold and Store

The baby walker is very easy to fold. You will just have to pull a lever located just below the food panel or toy panel. Moreover, it folds flat. Hence, you will be able to keep it safely in any convenient place. Also, it is simple to unfold. You won’t have to keep your little star wait longer to enjoy the walker.

Seat Pad

The seat pad is not of that high quality. But it is not too bad. Although, there is not much cushion in the back, the baby will enjoy the seat. The seat pad is removable as well. Therefore, you will be able to take off the pad and dry wash it for longevity. It is also related to the hygiene issue.

Food Tray

The food tray is hidden in the walker. You will have to remove the toy panel at first. To remove the toy panel you will have to unlock it from the bottom. But there are two visible holes in the food tray which I dislike. Foods may fall on the floor through the holes and create a mess.


  • The design is eye catching
  • Washable machine
  • Removable toys
  • square
    Not too expensive


  • Holes in the food tray are a deal breaker.
  • Seat is not easily adjustable


Delta Children First Journey Walker, Exploration


The baby walker is excellent for the babies who can sit on their own or who have just started to walk. It contains some features that are amazing for both the baby and the parents. So, let’s have a look at the features that make the walker stand out from the rest.

Back Handle

It is a unique feature that I have not seen in any other top baby walker. It helps the parents to control the movement of the baby in the walker. Moreover, you will be able to guide the direction of the walker easily. Hence, you will be able to save the baby from any unwanted accident. The back handle is of great use.

Cushioned Seat

The seat panel is very comfortable for the baby. The whole seat panel is filled with cushions which will give ultimate comfort to the baby. The seat contains beautiful design which is very attractive. The seat pad is completely removable. So, when the seat pad gets dirty, you can remove it and wash it to make it hygiene for the baby.

Toy Tray

The toy tray is filled with many exciting toys and sound system. You will find three kinds of toys. The most attractive one is the steering wheel. It makes sound when it is moved. In the right side of the steering wheel, there is a toy that emits gear shifting sound. There are three balls in a separate panel. If the baby pushes the balls, they will make various kinds of sound. The music tray is removable. It requires 02 AA batteries which you will have to buy.

Snack Tray

If you remove the toy tray, you will get access to the snack try. I liked the snack tray personally because there is no hole in it and it is spacious. You will be able to present all the favorite foods on the tray. After the snack time, you can easily put the toy tray on the snack tray and lock it.

Easy to Fold

The baby walker is too easy to fold. But I found the folding panel not so smooth. It may give you some trouble. But you will get adjusted over time.


  • Made of good quality materials
  • The toys are attractive to the babies
  • Well cushioned seat
  • square
    Removable toy try battery


  • Doesn’t run smoothly on flat surface.
  • You may have to change the battery most often.


WB Kids Embrace Baby Batman Activity Walker


This baby walker contains extraordinary design. I really have to praise the creativity of the designer. However, the walker looks like a car in the upper body. If you want a walker that the baby will cherish growing up, go for it. Let’s learn about it in details.

Amazing Design

The upper body of the baby walker contains car like design. It has four wheels and two side glass as well which make it look like a sports car. As the name goes, you will find batman logo everywhere in the baby walker. In short, it contains dynamic look which will certainly attract the baby.

Comfortable Seat

Seat pad is cushioned with soft materials to give ultimate comfort to the baby. The back of the seat contains extra cushion. There are cushion in both left and right hand side as well. You can detach the seat pad easily and wash it to keep it clean.

Toy Tray

The toy tray of the walker has been designed like the control system of a car. It contains a steering wheel, a key, and a gear shifter. When the baby plays with gear shifter or the steering wheel, they play sounds and music. The toy tray is removable as well which will allow the baby to play with the toys on the go. There is a key in the bottom side which will allow you to detach the toy tray from the baby walker.

Food Tray

Like most of the other baby walkers, the food tray is located just beneath the toy tray. You just have to detach the toy tray to get access to the food tray. It contains sufficient space to keep foods and water pot.

Easy Storage

You can easily store the baby walker anywhere you want. You just have to bend the four legs of the walker. To flat fold, you have to pull a panel on the bottom side of the walker. It will collapse the walker completely. So, you will be able to take it to outside as well.

Light Weight

The baby walker is lightweight. Although it is lightweight, it allows the baby to walk fast and steadily. Moreover, the safety of the baby has been ensured.


  • Attractive and unique design
  • Top quality seat pad
  • Easy to collapse and store
  • square


  • Not easy to assemble
  • The height is little difficult to adjust

Benefits of Baby Walker

Expedites Leaning Walking

A baby walker expedites the learning of the baby to walk. With the baby walker, the baby gets support to push forward through its feet. Hence, gradually, the legs become stronger and the baby finds more confidence to move legs forward. After a while, the baby starts to walk on its own with the help of the baby walker.

Toys and Entertainment

The baby walkers come with toy panels containing wide range of toys that the babies love. Usually, the toys make sound and music which entertain the baby. In some baby walker, the toy trays are removable. Hence, the baby can enjoy the toys while not on the walker.

Make Good Eating Habit

Some babies just don’t like to eat. But babies tend to eat more when they enjoy. The baby walkers contains food tray along with the toy tray. Hence, when the baby plays with the toys, you can feed it foods. You can also put the food on the food tray and let the baby eat when it wants.

Safe & Secured for the Baby

The baby walkers are designed to keep the baby completely safe. They are designed such a way so that the baby does not fall off the device and hurt itself. Hence, you can put your baby on the walker and do your works without any tension.

Keeps the Baby Active

The baby walkers keep the babies active throughout the day. It is very good for the health of the baby. As the baby will be walking and playing with toys included in the walker, it will feel hungry and eat more. So, you will not have to run after the baby with foods.

Final Verdict

I hope that you have got better understanding on the features that the baby walker should possess. Now, you will be able to make better purchase decision. You may choose from the above best baby walkers as they are the best in the market as par the expert reviews.

Best Baby Walkers – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews
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