How to Select Best Kids Bikes for Your Baby (June) 2018!!

Kid’s bikes are in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Over hundred various models are available for you to choose from. Some of these bikes are meant for smaller kids, while others are designed for taller kids.

These bikes are designed with different material grades and they are available at different prices. Different models are available, and choosing the best among them cannot be an easy thing.

With hundreds of styles and brands out there, deciding the best can be a huge task. If you were confused about the best brand or the model you want to buy, you have to consider some important factors to make the correct choice. An important factor that can assist you includes how your kid wants to use the bike.

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Some bikes are meant for learners, while others are suitable for advanced riders. Therefore, you have to consider your need and balance it with the features present in the various kid bikes out there. This can assist you in choosing the best kids bike.

What may be the best bike for your kid, may not necessarily be the best for another. This is because of different riding purpose.

Best Kids Bike Review

At our lab, we have tested and researched a lots of kids bike and then talked with real user as well the the parents, to ensure you the best available options in the market. By going through this article you will get a clean idea, which bike should you take for your kids.


RoyalBaby Space No. 1 Aluminum Kids Bikes 12 inch, 14 inches, 16 inch, 18 inch, Boy's Bike and Girl's Bicycles, Gift for Kids

RoyalBaby Space No. 1 Aluminum Kids Bikes 12 inch

Perhaps the most popular choice you can make for your child is the RoyalBaby Space No. 1 Aluminum Kids bike. If you want your kid to enjoy the solid and smooth ride, you should always opt for this model. Apart from this size, it is equally available in other sizes; this means that you must consider your child’s size and age while making the purchase.

Its center of gravity is low and many users liked it for that. Whenever your kid is on the bike, the issue of balance will never arise, because he or she will be comfortable riding it. In addition to that, it has other fantastic features that make it great and popular in the market.


The bike is a superior quality product. It is produced from a durable aluminum product. This implies that your kid can enjoy it for many years. You have value for your investment.

Ride in style

It is designed in such a way that you ride in style. It has everything you need for a comfortable ride. It is highly reliable and the money you spend to acquire the product is worth it.


The frame is uniquely shaped this enhances the appearance. Another attractive feature is the tires. It is specifically designed to make it attractive to its users.

Furthermore, it is accompanied with a water bottle, bell, as well as bottle cage including training wheels and other important features. It does not make noise when you ride it, because of the extra rubber, which reduces the noise.


When you are looking for this kind of product, one of the key features to consider includes the safety issue. To ensure that you are safe riding the bike, it features safety grips, enclosed chain guard, as well as training wheels. All these ensure that you are safe while using the bike


  • It features a low gravity seat and this makes it good for kids
  • Furthermore, it ensures back support for the good of the rider
  • It features kickstand and training wheels, these are good for beginners
  • square
    Easy to assemble because assembling tools are available
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    It is good for girls and boys


  • The wheels are designed for all terrains
  • List Element

In all, this is a superior quality kid bike. It has fantastic features as you can see above. It is comfortable to ride, and good for beginner and advanced riders. If you are looking for the best, you should opt for this model. You can buy this most functional kid bikes for your child.


Schwinn 20-Inch Loop Folding Bike

Schwinn Loop 7 Speed Folding Bike

As you can see from the name, this is a folding bike. It is compact in design; this makes it easy to ride. Many people liked the product for several reasons. It is perhaps the most affordable of that category on the market, and this makes it attractive to users.

By design, it is certain that the bike is good for both boys and girls. Women can ride it, as it is not difficult to get in and get out. Though it is weightier than several others in that category, you will not find it difficult to take it along with you. Apart from that, the product has interesting features that set it apart from others out there.

When you are looking for this kind of product, you have to consider different features:


To ensure that your kid can take his things along, it features a rear carrier. You can take any gear or groceries along with you.


Another important feature that sets the product apart is the frame. It features a low frame. The frame is lower than most other folding bikes out there. You can easily use it irrespective of your kid’s age and capability and so on.


Another feature to consider includes the fender. It features two fenders. They are designed in such a way you can ride in any weather without difficulties. It can prevent debris from staining your clothes.

Braking system

Furthermore, this product features an alloy linear brake. Once you apply the brake, it stops. This is good for the kid’s safety.


It is a seven-speed drivetrain. Though it has seven speeds, you find it easy with the bike; the speeds are not difficult to shift. Moreover, this makes it versatile; you can ride different terrain without difficulties.

Carry bag

Another great feature is the carry bag. This is unique because you cannot find this feature in all folding bikes. Even if you fold it, the bag will still be there. This also adds to the user’s comfort.


In terms of performance, this is one of the best performing of that category. When you fold the bike, it will form a rigid frame. Moreover, when your kid rides it, he or she would be comfortable using it.


In terms of comfort, it offers twenty-inches loop comfort. The seat and the handlebars are adjustable, and this means that you can just adjust it the way that suits you most.

The bike is designed for shorter riders. Though it is specifically meant for kids, adults can use it as well. You can use it for different purposes such as recreation and cruising.


Another great attribute of the bike is that you do not need to empty your bank account before you buy one. This is because the model is highly affordable.


  • The bikes are highly affordable despite the high-end features
  • It is not difficult to use, you can fold it when you want without difficulties
  • The bike is compact in design and this tends to reduce the weight
  • square
    It rides at great speed because of the shifting gears, which are not difficult to shift
  • square
    It is versatile because of the shifting gear
  • square
    The bike is highly affordable


  • Some bike parts are cheap and composed of plastics

In all, this bike is one of the best for kids. It has all the features you desire. Apart from the fact that the bikes are affordable, they come with most functional features. It is highly recommended.


Woom 4 Pedal Bike 20”, 8-speed, Ages 6 to 8 Years

Woom 4 Pedal Bike

When it comes to the manufacture of twenty inches kid bikes, Woom Company has an edge. You can use this bike in different terrain. If your kids were using sixteen inches bike and you want to transform them to twenty inches, this product is the most suitable for that. There are lots of things going well for this wonderful product. It is lightweight and has a low center gravity. Furthermore, it has eight speeds, as well as various gear ranges. It is the most suitable for a newbie, because of grip shifters. The product remains the best for intermediate and excellent riders. Even beginners can like it, because of the suitable features.

The bike has fantastic features and a few of them are reviewed below


When it comes to performance, this bike has an edge over several others out there. It has featured more than the usual basic features you see in other bikes. You travel any distance with it. It is good for an average user, and you can use it for different terrain.


Perhaps the greatest thing about this bike is that it is very comfortable to ride. It is comfortable for every user whether the kid is an advanced or a beginner rider. Another thing that makes it comfortable is the great design.


Another great feature of the bike is the weight. It is a featherweight bike. It does not weigh more than 16.9lb. This is a plus because it will not be difficult for the kid to carry. In addition to that, it features a low center of gravity as well as low rise handlebars. For beginners, these latest features are to their benefit.


Another great attribute of the bike is the size. The seat height is one of the lowest in the industry. Because of that size, it is considered the best for kids within the age range of five years to eight. Apart from the good size, it can fit its rider very well.


From the frame size, nobody would be in doubt as to whether the bike is designed for kids. The frame is shorter and it is narrower than most twenty inches bikes out there. Moreover, the frame is designed in such a way that the kid does not have to over splay the legs while pedaling and even if that it becomes the case, the kid will not be injured in the process.

Another thing about the bike is the geometry. The pedals are situated in places where it will be very convenient for the kid to maneuver and balance. When this bike is compared to similar other products out there, it has several advantages and it is not surprising that it makes the list of the best kids bike.


It is already stated that the bike is lightweight, it has the best tires and fork, and that is why it will always excel wherever you use this bike. The fork is composed of aluminum materials, and it makes for dampening. It does not have to shock, as another bike with dampening feature would do. The bike does not have shock, and where there is any, it is hardly felt.


  • The bike is lightweight, because of the low height
  • It is very comfortable to ride
  • It is easy to grip its shifters
  • square
    The bike is not difficult to ride


  • It is very expensive

In the end, this bike is unique and it is considered the best of all the twenty inches kids’ bikes on the market today. It is comfortable to ride and good for all users.


Woom 2 Pedal Bike 14”, Ages 3 to 4.5 Years

Woom 2 Pedal Bike

Are you looking for the best bike for your three to four years old? Then you have come to the right place. Woom 2 Pedal bike 14 inches is the best bet for the person. It has interesting features for the comfort and safety ride of your kid. It features Kenda tires and wonderful brake levers. Most importantly, the aluminum frame is very wonderful. In short, every aspect of this wonderful bike is great.

The bike has several interesting features that make it great and here are some of them:


One of the things that make the bike first class for kids includes the intelligent design and the featherweight. The engineering is indeed great and that is why several other similar designs cannot come near it in terms of the weight and geometry. It features a low bottom bracket, as well as long wheelbase. This is good because it makes for stability. The frame is low enough and because of that, kids can simply jump in, and out at will. Thus, it is safe for the kid to ride.


Another great aspect is the comfort riding. It is designed in such a way that it offers a comfortable and upright riding position. Young riders like this feature, because it makes control easy and makes riding easy as well.


The bike as said before is lightweight and it does not weigh more than 12 lbs. The wheels are 14 inches and this is perfect for kids of that age.

Brake Levers

The brakes levers are designed in such a way that kids can easily identify them. This is good for them, it can help them master the braking technique, and with time they are going to become perfect riders. Most importantly, the brake levers are designed in such a way the kids can easily use them. Kids will not find it hard to reach the brake.


Perhaps the most attractive feature of this bike is the saddle. This is of the highest quality. Because of the unique design, it is attractive and comfortable to use.


Furthermore, the product uses Kenda tires. The design is such that young users can hardly experience any resistance. The width is enough; it provides the type of traction you will like, especially for those who engage in an off-road riding. The bike is easy and simple to assemble. Everything about the bike including the tire pressure is nice.


  • The bike is light and the geometry was good for the user’s age
  • It is simple and easy to assemble
  • The bike is designed with the finest quality components you can get in the industry
  • square
    The bike is highly durable and features everything you want for kids of three to four years


  • The bike is very expensive

In all, this is an idle bike for kids of three to five years. It has fantastic features. The bike is comfortable to ride because of low center of gravity. The braking system is very efficient. It is highly durable and very convenient to use. If you want the best for your kid, you can choose this product.


Mongoose Girl's LSX Bicycle, 20-Inch

Mongoose Girls LSX Bicycle

Mongoose is a name to trust when it comes to the manufacture of superior quality bikes. If you want twenty inches bikes for young riders, you can always opt for Mongoose Girl’s LSX Bicycle. The frame is specifically designed for young riders. It has several interesting features that make it different.


The model features a low stance frame and this is good for young riders. It means that they easily jump in and out of the bikes without difficulties.


The bike is designed with the best quality materials in the market. It is designed to serve for a very long time. Every component of the bike is durably constructed.


Another great feature is the efficient braking system. Because of that, you can ride the bike with great confidence. The bike can come to a stop when you want it.


One of the key features of any bike is the size. The size is good for kids and is designed for their comfort and ease of use.


  • The bike is durable
  • It performs very well
  • The braking system is efficient.
  • square
    It is lightweight


  • The bike is costly

In all, this is the right bike for kids. It has all features you want. If you are looking for the best, opt for this product, it is highly recommended.

Things To Consider Before Buying  Kids Bike

You have just seen that it is difficult to select the best kid’s bike out of the various models on the market. There are different factors you can consider that can help you make the best choice for your kids and the most important among them include weight, size, frame shape or geometry as it sometimes called, as well as gearing, brakes, and bike width as well as prices. There could be several others. Some of these factors will be considered in brief here.


Perhaps, the most important factor to consider when you are making your choice includes the bike size. You have to get the correct size for your kid. Do not buy too big, or too small bike, this will be not appropriate for your child. Consider the bike height, width, diameter, and so on.

Seat height

Seat height is equally relevant when you are making your choice. Check, the seat height, because of all other factors it determines accurately how the bike will fit your kid when he or she sits on it.


Weight is equally important when you are making your choice. It is recommended that you look for a bike that is forty percent less the child weight. This means that you should opt for the lightest bike when you are making your choice.


Consider the child’s body position when you are making your choice. In view of that, you must consider the ease of control and the issue of stability when your kid rides the bike. Moreover, geometry determines the issues of maneuverability. You have to consider the comfort of kid.


Most importantly, do not dismiss the importance of the handlebars when you are searching for the best. Cockpit size is important here. Do not opt for a smaller cockpit; it makes less allowance for the rider. This means that you must consider the shape of the handlebar; it must such that gives the rider enough space. When you ride, you have to apply force and handlebar can minimize this. Consider this while making your choice.


Another critical factor you must pay specific attention to when you are making a choice is a break. It is important that you look for a bike with good brakes. The safety and comfort of the rider largely depend on that.


Before you make your purchase, make your budget, and stick to your budget. You can get expensive bikes, as well as cheap bikes. You may not always get the best when you opt for the cheapest, or the most affordable, because they do not possess the basic features. However, you must be prudent in buying, go for the product with the best features, and do not compromise quality in the process.


If you were finding it hard to choose the kids bike for your child, information provided here will assist you in making the best decision. It is known that there are various models and unless you consult widely, it will be difficult to make the correct choice. Those difficulties and challenges you encounter are solved for you here. Apart from recommending the best kids mountain bike on the market today, useful guides that can assist you in selecting the best are provided. All these five products were thoroughly tested before they were recommended. They are lightweight, easy to use, and comfortable to ride. These bikes are safe to use, because of the effective braking system. If you are actually looking for the best, you can choose any of the recommended bikes. They are great products, and you will have a value for your money. They are all recommended.

How to Select Best Kids Bikes for Your Baby (June) 2018!!
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