Best Rc Truck For Beginners : The expert buyers guide | June 2018

Are you considering buying the best RC truck? You have come to the right place. We can assist you. Selecting the best remote control truck is not easy. You have to consider a number of factors to choose the best. Various kinds of RC trucks are available. Most of them are nitro trucks while may are electric RC trucks. These trucks are there to satisfy various needs. There are no age restrictions when it comes to using remote controlled motors.

Remote Control trucks are becoming very popular. Many manufacturers are investing on them. Because of that, you will find different models of the product on the market. Most of these models are not the best for your needs. Some of them lack the basic features. Many of the products are not the best in terms of performance. They are slow and not easy to control. Some of them are noisy thereby disturbing the peace of the neighborhood.

To buy the best you need a guide. You cannot get the perfect Remote Control truck on trial, error and guesswork. To make things easier for you, five top Cheap RC trucks are reviewed for you. This does away with guesswork. In addition to that, important buying guides are reviewed, so that you can buy one without difficulties.

Recommended Best RC trucks  in 2018 – Reviews


Distianert 1:16  -  best buy rc cars

Distianert 1:16 Scale Electric RC Car Off Road Vehicle

Distianert 1:16 is good for different categories of users. The best thing about this truck is the ease of control. With remote control, you will not find it hard to use the product. The truck is sturdily constructed. It is very suitable for off road use. It features 2.4GHz transmitter and it is easy to control it.

Features and benefits

High-speed truck

Because it uses superior quality 2.4GHz transmitter, you can use it with little or no interference. There is nothing like an electronic interference when you use the electric remote control truck.


The truck features a superior quality rubber tires. This looks like a real tire, but it is not real. This makes for superior performance and control.


The truck features full function control. For instance, you can change to different directions such as right, left, reverse, stop, as well as forward without difficulties.


The product works on two batteries. The battery is there to power the transmitter. To get started, you need battery. It is important that you use a durable battery take serve for some minutes. The truck arrives with two batteries. It can help the truck engine to get to the top speed of up to 12mph. The battery is rechargeable and when fully charged, it can run for ten to fifteen minutes at least. The battery can be recharged through USB port.


The RC truck is composed of most durable shell. It is very tough and explosion does not affect it. Moreover, it cannot bend, and it does not break easily. The strong shell prevents collision and damaging.


Because the system runs on 2.4GHz transmitter, it is pretty easier for you to control the car. Furthermore, it uses a functional transmitter. The truck can move in any direction you want it to move to such as left, right, reverse and so on. Control is pretty easier because of this. Furthermore, you can operate the truck for 8-10 mph. You can do this on different terrains.


  • It is a durable RC truck as it can bounce back after smashing trees, rocks, as well as walls
  • It uses a rechargeable battery and the battery can serve for up to fifteen minutes when fully charged
  • The transmitter is very functional and you can maneuver the truck
  • square
    There is no form of interference and it is very stable, and it is simple to use


  • It involves many screws especially when you want to change the battery
  • The steering can be loudly

In all, this is one of the RC trucks on the market today. You can get one for your kid as a birthday gift.


Tamiya TAM58372  -   Best rc Monster Truck

Tamiya TAM58372 Tamiya 58372 Ford F350

This Tamaiya product is one of the best. It is popular for its robust construction. The truck features a strong chassis. It is fun to use. At take off the remote control vehicle is very fast. It can climb toughest hill effortlessly. You can hardly differentiate from a normal truck due to its extraordinary performance. It rides through hills without difficulties because of the 4WD system.

It has several fantastic features that set it apart from several other products.


The truck is solidly constructed and that it why it can pass through most difficult terrains with minimal impact. Though it is durable and strongly constructed, it may not be the best when it comes to jumping. At start, it can be fast.


The truck is outstanding in design. It looks very attractive. All parts of the truck are designed with refined and best quality materials. This is why it is appealing.

It is designed with a durable and strong frame chassis, as well as steel channel. The advantage of this is that it makes the truck to be more powerful.


Perhaps the greatest thing you can like about it is the driving. As said before, it can be fast at takeoff. It is meant to be very fast when you drive it. The truck is designed with three-speed transmission. This makes gear changing easier. Moreover, it makes it ride on a low speed.


Whether the truck is on road or off road, it can always perform satisfactorily. It’s off road performance is remarkable, as it features differentials, which you can lock in one place. Moreover, the differentials enhance its off road performance. This remains a reliable truck. You can trust it as it does not disappoint. It is strongly built and it can hardly break. It may not be the best for jumping, but you can always use it to climb anything of your choice. It may not be the best for starters and inexperienced drivers.


The system is not difficult to install. To complete it, you require four-channel transmitter, a running battery, as well as a charger and ESC. This is an American product. It is a bye product of Ford Company. It an amazing product and fun to build once you have all the components complete.


It features large diameter wheels, as well as a molded body. This does not only enhance the look, but improves on the performance as well. As you already know, the system has three gears. The first gear is for slow movement. If you want to run faster, you can choose the second gear, as it is the fast gear. The third gear is the most outstanding. It makes it move quicker and can climb different mountains and hills with relative ease.


  • The remote control truck is durable and solidly constructed
  • It can climb hills with ease
  • The truck is strong it can hardly break
  • square
    It is fun and easy to assemble, and it uses rechargeable battery


  • The body may seem outdated

Overall, this product remains one of the best on the market today. You can see from the features that it is durable and strongly constructed. If you like, you can use it to climb anything of your choice. The model is highly reliable and strongly recommended.


Traxxas Stampede 4X4 -   Best Radio Controlled Cars

Traxxas Stampede 4X4

Are you looking for the most reliable RC truck? You can always think of Stampede 4x4. This is one of the best from Traxxas and it is built to withstand different tough and difficult terrains. It has spectacular features that stand it out among several others out there. For instance, it features a remarkable high ground clearance, as well as strong suspension system. Because of these outstanding features, it is difficult to destroy the truck.

The wheels are outstanding and they are designed in All Star 2.8 inches. This stands the truck out. Furthermore, it is composed of superior quality tires. Because of that, it can perform very well in all kinds of capabilities. It is waterproofed. This means that you can drive it in different conditions. When it comes to durability, capability, style and quality, hardly could any other RC truck compare with this product. Here are other features that stand it out.

Features and benefits


The truck is designed with the best quality components. It is good for both advanced users and beginners. It is stable, durable and you can use it in different terrains. It is designed to offer you the best.


You have seen that Stampede product is waterproofed. Because of that, you can use it at anytime and anywhere. Whether, it is raining or not, you will not have any limitation in using the truck. It equally features DC charger as well as XL-5. This is the waterproof speed controller.


Perhaps the most outstanding feature of this RC truck is the suspension system. This is not only long it is strong as well. It is designed in such a way that it can easily withstand any kind of environment or terrains you subject it to. When you drive this truck, you will feel unstoppable because of this fantastic feature.

Versatile use

Another good thing about this product is that you can run it anywhere of your choice. If you want to use it on loose sand, you can do that without fear.


The truck runs of LiPo S batteries. This is a very powerful battery; it can run for thirty minutes.


It features an innovative chassis. It is innovative because it is quite different from older designs on the market. It is designed in such a way that the front section can be removed without difficulties.


Another good aspect of the product is the precision control. It uses grade 2.4GHz control system. With this, it is a matter of switching on your truck and driving. You do not need to manage anything like frequencies or channels, just concentrate on your driving, and have fun in the process.


  • The truck is designed to handle any difficult terrain including loosed sand
  • It is very easy to control
  • The truck uses chrome 2.8 wheels
  • square
    The truck features the best suspension system; it can pass through different terrains.


  • The RC truck is very expensive

In all, this product is the best in terms of performance, reliability, capability, and durability. It has everything you want, and it is good for both advanced and beginner users.


Traxxas 1/10 Truck (Platinum Edition) -  Best 4x4 RC Truck

Traxxas 1/10 Slash 4X4 Brushless Short Course Truck

Traxxas has an edge when it comes to the best remote control truck. One of the best products from the company is the 1/10 Slash 4x4 Brushless Short Course Truck. This is the platinum edition of the model.

This model is good for all categories of users including seasoned and newbie. Its unique design sets it apart from similar products. It is famous for its low center gravity. This ensures that it performs well. Other outstanding features include its effective suspension system as well as the rigid frame. This is good because it makes the truck stable on the road. Furthermore, it makes for easy control and reduces the traction as well. The truck equally features adjustable bars as well as rear and front design. Because of the unique design, it reaches the top speed of 60 mph. This is perhaps the most torque and powerful RC truck on the market today.

Features and benefits


The motor is unique because it is brushless. This makes the motor very powerful. Its power is estimated to be VXL. Because of the power, the truck can reach speed of 60mph. Furthermore, it features a low voltage protection, as well as waterproof features. This ensures that the electronic components of the truck do not destroy.


One of the things that make the difference as far as RC trucks are concerned is the chassis. The truck is designed with LCG chassis. This is rigid. This makes it strong and durable. In addition to that, it features rear sway bars, as well as adjustable front. The truck has sealed silicone differential. This is an alternative to torque slipper clutch, which is also installed in the system.

Performance and endurance

It is already pointed out that Traxxas Slash 4x4 features low center gravity chassis. This is good because it ensures weight balance. Because of that, it can easily handle increased pressure. The brushless power also makes this possible. It is smooth when it is on the road. Even though it is low, you cannot experience such problems like snags and drags. You will have a better performance, smooth and fun driving experience. You can use the truck to maneuver through difficult terrains and corners. It helps in maintaining balance and stability, as you speed the truck. It is good for different terrains, because of this feature. You are sure of superior traction, impressive launch, and quicker movement. It uses the velineon power extensively. All these are for your comfort while driving.


  • Low center of gravity for weight balancing
  • An impressive LCG design for better performance
  • A very powerful remote control truck
  • square
    Extremely brushless and the speed can top 60 mph


  • It is easy to lose control

In all, this is a superior quality remote control truck. It is very powerful. It features low center of gravity, this does not only make it stable and balanced, and it enhances the efficiency. It is good for you, it is recommended.


Redcat Racing Electric Volcano EPX Truck -   Best Electric RC Truck

Redcat Racing Electric Volcano EPX Truck

Redcat has introduced different kinds of remote control truck on the market. This model is just one of them, and it is meant for beginners and experienced users. If you are a beginner and you are looking for a great way to get started, you can always start from here.

The truck is cost effective, because of that many people can afford it. It has fantastic features that make it suitable for many users. It is the best in terms of performance, power, and durability. The parts are readily available for replacement should you need to replace a damaged one.

Features and benefits


Most components of the truck are waterproofed. This means that you can use that in difficult terrains without damage, as water will not reach those components.

Ease of use

Another interesting feature is that the product is not difficult to use. You can move backwards and forward with relative ease. It features a very powerful 4WD machine. Because of that, it can withstand toughest obstacles it meets on the way.


The truck is lightweight. It is composed of plastic chassis, which are lightweight. In addition to that, it uses an independent suspension, and this enhances the performance greatly. Moreover, the tires are strong and durable. It is user friendly and you can easily play with your friends. It features 2.4GHz radio system. This is convenient to use.


  • The speed can top 20 to 25 mph
  • The body is durable and last longer
  • Solidly constructed to resist most shocks
  • square
    The battery can last for twenty minutes


  • It takes a long time for the battery to charge

Overall, this model remains one of the best. It is good for beginners and advanced riders. The truck is cost effective and highly reliable. It is recommended.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Remote Control Track in 2018

Before you buy the best remote control truck, you have to consider some important factors. To select the truck that meets your needs, you have to define the reason for buying one. Some people buy it for smashing; others purchase it for bashing, while several users buy for racing and other different purposes. Before you buy one, you must first define your purpose and this can guide you in the choice you make.

Type of truck to buy

Decide on the type of remote controlled truck to buy. Two major types include electric and nitro control. Driving this truck is highly technical. You need to know the differences and benefits of these types. Nitro trucks are more powerful and they tend to be faster. Shortcoming is that it demands more maintenance and you have to bear the cost. Electric trucks on the other hands are user friendly. It does not require too much technicality and you can easily control it.


Furthermore, consider the issue of battery when you are making your choice. If you want to buy it for your child, the issue of battery is indispensable, because it determines how long the RC truck can serve the child before it goes down. Go for higher battery life as they last longer, and you will have value for your money.


Durability is equally significant in this kind of product. Look for those that can boast of scale rear and front bumpers. At least it cannot be damaged by violent impact. Furthermore, consider the material used to make the truck. They should be of superior quality materials. This can make it last longer.

Remote controlling system

It is not good for the truck to go haywire when you use it. Because of that, look for a product with the best control system. At least it should work within the range of 2.4 GHz. With this, it can control different kinds of RC trucks.


In addition, consider the type of suspension when you are making your choice. If you get those with oil-filled shocks, they may be the best. Because of that, it can handle different rough and difficult terrains without causing any serious damage to the truck.

Type of wheel drive

There are two kinds of wheel drive, which include the 4WD and the 2WD. Faced with this choice, it is better to opt for the 4WD, because it can perform better. It will hardly get struck and it will climb faster.


Look for those with top speed. You should be able to control the speed. If it flies on top speed, it can pass through dangerous terrains without difficulties. Look for those you can easily control the speed. This can prevent early damage.


Look for the best brands when you are making your choice. There are various brands out there, but it is better to opt for those with readily available parts.


The cost is equally important when you are making your decision to buy one. While it is good to go for the affordable RC trucks, it is not good to go for inferior quality product. Consider the features and ensure that the products are what you require.


Terrain refers to the place you want to use the RC truck. If you want to ride on the toughest obstacles, then look for those designed for that terrain. This can assist you in making the perfect choice.

Final verdict

It is obvious that remote control truck market is saturated with different kinds of products. This makes it extremely hard to make the best choice. Information provided here is very useful. Apart from reviewing and recommending the best RC trucks on the market today, we have provided useful guides that can assist you in making your personal choice. Top five best trucks recommended here are simply the best as you can see from their wonderful features. They are durable, easy to use and control, and very powerful. Most importantly, many of them are waterproofed. You have a lot to gain if you use any of them. These are recommended because they are the best.

Best Rc Truck For Beginners : The expert buyers guide | June 2018
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